– Your perfect companion for reaching your health goals – Our Zilamon Pulse Oximeter will help you to gain insights into your SpO2 and pulse rate. When your goal is to lead a more active life, our Zilamon Fingertip Pulse Oximeter will be there for you.

– Your oxygen saturation and pulse rate on one display – Our device is precision-engineered to measure both SpO2 and heart rate. We developed our Zilamon Fingertip Oximeter to help you gain the insights you need to improve your fitness levels.

– Easily understand your measurement – The alarm will monitor your O2 saturation levels and will automatically let you know whenever your levels drop below 94%. You never have to worry again if your levels are within healthy limits.

– Real time visual feedback – The functions of our Zilamon Pulse Oximeter also include a bar graph. Showing in real time the intensity of the signal strength. So you know how well the device is able to pick up on your SpO2 and pulse rate.